kultursprünge e.V. changing city spaces
Europe in Motion
Moving Images, Shifting Perspectives in Transcultural Cinema

Pictures from the Opening Event 10.12.



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Europe in Motion presents european cinema

Europe in Motion aims to contribute to the discussion about the meaning of new mobilities and forms of cultural expression in European space. In the context of a film series and an interdisciplinary workshop, we focus on films and filmmakers who open up new perspectives on changing topographies of the continent.

Central theme of the project is the growing importance of urban spaces as locations for encounter, interactions and boundary-crossings, but also for new divisions and forms of exclusion.
As a result of migratory movements, cities like Berlin, London, Belgrade and Istanbul, as well as the connecting links between them, have become a central context for understanding the dynamics of cultural transformations and developments. For Europe in Motion, the city functions conceptually as an alternative approach to the complexity of new lived realities, but as one that also points beyond its borders. The filmic treatment and academic-political analysis of urban spaces and inter-spaces is to promote a new thinking about culture and identity that frees these concepts of their territorial rootings.
Thus combining different powers of artistic, political and scientific analysis, the project aims to widen the horizons of the European imagination and enable new perspectives on Berlin and other urban realities.

The project Europe in Motion has been initiated by the Berlin organisation Kultursprünge Berlin e.V. and the EU Fifth Framework Project Changing City Spaces – New Challenges to Cultural Policy in Europe. The organisation Kultursprünge e.V. is supported by filmmakers, scientists and cultural activists and aims to intervene at the interface of culture and politics. Changing City Spaces is a transnational research project which investigates processes of in- and exclusion of migrants in European metropolitan spaces. For this co-operation, Kultursprünge e.V. and Changing City Spaces link their respective programmatic work and resources to provide new impulses from which not just Berlin but also a wider interested public beyond the city and Germany will benefit. The project brings together cultural and scientific competence in Berlin with partners and cutting-edge research drawn from the wider European context.

Europe in Motion is a project in cooperation with the British Council Berlin und the theatre Hebbel am Ufer, funded by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin.


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