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Friday December 10th

Opening Event
At HAU 2, 7:30 p.m.

On Friday Europe in Motion starts with a big opening night at HAU 2.
Following a welcome reception and a short lecture by the author Emine Sevgi Özdamar, a short film programme with many of the directors present introduces the focus of the filmfest.
Among others, Fatih Akın, Constantinos Giannaris and Damjan Kozole will present their short film contributions to „Visions of Europe“, a project comissioned by arte (executive producer Lars von Trier).
As the evening continues, the London formation Oojami will present its innovative fusion-sound to a Berlin audience for the first time. Following the concert, Fatih Akın and İpek will take over the turntables.

19:30h Welcome Receiption and Literary Introduction by Emine Sevgi Özdamar
20:30h Screening of Short Films with the directors present
22.30h Concert Oojami
24:00h Party with Dj Fatih Akın und Dj İpek

Sunday, December 12th

Long Night of Short Films Hosted by Kanakwood
At HAU 2, 8 p.m.

Kanakwood, Berlin's network of Urban Postmigrant Vibes, hosts a long night of short films featuring the Europe in motion film programme. Apart from short films that form part of the film series at Cinemas Central and Eiszeit, the night will feature seven hours of non-stop films by

A. Fırat Aydın, Abdurrahman Belek, Ayhan Salar, Ayşe Polat, Brendan Grant, Damir Lukačević, Daniel Hyan, Ebru Karaca, Ebru Yapıcı, Fatih Akın, Fatime Kahveci, Gülden Çakır, İbrahim Kahraman, İdil Üner, Kamel Cherif, Kubilay Dengiz, Lale Nalpantoğlu, Laurent Nègre, M. İlyas Ünal, Marc R. Wilkins, Milos Radović, Mıraz Bezar, Nafiz Tanrıkulu, Neco Çelik, Nuray Şahin, Savaş Ceviz, Silvana Lombardi, Sinan Akkuş, Stefanie Jordan, Tamer Yiğit, Tonguç Baykurt, Tunçay Kulaoğlu, Uli M. Schüppel, Xiasong Que u. a.

Most of the directors will be present to discuss their films, and join guests in the Kanakwood Lounge to listen and dance to the soundfusions "Berlinapoli", "Eklektik Arabesk konFUSION or Asia" and "Berlinistanbul", with "Kanakwood-All Stars", MC Don Rispetto, DJ Ipek, DJ Idil and others at the turntables.

Central 10:30 p.m.
Europe in Motion presents: A Films by Tuncel Kurtiz

Join us for a conversation with Tuncel Kurtiz directly after the screening –a filmmaker whose life and work has a special connection with the european highway route E5, once the main route for labour migration.

E 5 - Ölüm Yolu (E5 – The Guestworkers’ Highway)
S/TR / 1978 / 60 Min / OmU
Director: Tunçel Kurtiz

At the centre of the film by Tuncel Kurtiz is the legendary highway route E5, also called guestworkers’ highway. With the start of labour migration from Southeastern Europe, this route became the main connection between the ‚host country’ and the former home land. The turkish actor Tunçel Kurtiz made the trip himself, starting off from Sweden in 1978 and filming people on their way to Turkey, some of them traveling more than 2000 km. Over the course of his journey, a historical document was produced that leads through the Balkans and shows regions that have been fundamentally transformed to the present day.



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