kultursprünge e.V. changing city spaces

www.im-export.net Import Export - Cultural Transfer between India and Germany, Austria

www.36pictures.com 36pictures Film Production Berlin

www.africaatthepictures.co.uk Festival of African Cinema London

www.africa-anticolonial.org Anticolonial Africa Conference Berlin

www.balkanblackbox.de Festival of Independant Art and Culture from South-East Europe

www.b-books.de b_books Publishing Company and Film Production

www.contrast.org kein mensch ist illegal – Network against Deportation and Exclusion

www.doublemoon.com.tr Doublemoon Records Istanbul

www.filmfestival-goeast.de Festival of Middle- and Eastern-European Cinema Wiesbaden

www.fftd.net Film Festival Turkey/Germany Nürnberg

www.globale-filmfestival.de The globalization-critical Film Festival Berlin

www.kanak-attak.de kanak-attak

www.kurd-filmfestival.com Kurdish Film Festival Berlin

www.noborder.org noborder network

www.panfilm.com.tr Film Production and Film Location Service Istanbul

www.polnischeversager.de Club of Polish Loosers Berlin

www.rechtauflegalisierung.de Society for Legalisation

www.sanart.com Sanartfilm Nürnberg

www.soundofistanbul.de Film Crossing the Bridge

www.transitmigration.org Project Migration of Kulturstiftung des Bundes

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