kultursprünge e.V. changing city spaces

The Europe in Motion workshop event will bring together filmmakers, political activists and academics who share an interest in the current transformation of urban and inter-urban life realities in and across Europe. Over the past decade, a body of filmmaking has emerged that addresses the new forms of mobility, cultural interaction and inequalities which characterise life in European metropolitan spaces and the routes that interconnect them – spaces such as Berlin, London, Belgrade and Istanbul. Going beyond film criticism, the workshop integrates some of these filmic representations as a form of thought-provoking commentary on European developments, opening up a space for discussion and exchange among filmmakers, political activists and academics centrally concerned with European transformations. Participants from different European and extra-European countries will come together in four panel sessions to debate the key issues: Transnational Europe - Fortress Europe, Changing City Spaces, Shifting Cultural Practices and Europe in Motion. In order to enable constructive discussion among those attending, the workshop is held as a non-public event with a limited number of invited participants. The results will be made available to a wider public

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